What should be considered when choosing adhesive label print

  News    |      2018-06-27
There are some factors to consider when choosing the adhesive label printing, so what are the specific factors? The following information will be explained in detail.
I. label materials include material specifications, thickness, special requirements, such as waterproof, anti-tear, cold-resistant, and removable glue ., etc.
2. The size is the specification of the product. Are there any different shapes? Or other special requirements.
Iii. Adhesive label printing requirements: full wheel flexo printing or silk printing? Or silk prints? Difference is that the whole cycle can be delicate lifelike full color effect, like offset printing and silk-screen printing can't realize the gradient effect, or gradient effect is poorer, (gradient makings of thicker) concrete differences of the two process, other information can see the site content.

4. Process requirements: there are no other special processes such as bronzing, concave and convex, laminating, or spot color.
The quantity affects the quotation.